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Chatter box The RCVS is carrying out its annual veterinary nurse CPD audit and has sent out requests for the CPD records of more than 1,100 nurses this week.

Under the RCVS Code of Professional Conduct, nurses are required to carry out at least 45 hours of CPD over a rolling three-year period. This year, 1,130 nurses have been asked to share their records from 2016-2018 to show that they have complied with the requirements.

Earlier this year, the VN Council decided to expedite the referral process for nurses who have not complied with the CPD requirement for three or more years. In such cases nurses will have their records sent to the CPD Referral Group. Chatter box

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Small Animal News
Scientists work to ‘potty train’ cattle

Toilet training could bring welfare and environmental benefits
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Is your cat a Gryffinclaw or a Snifferin?

Cats Protection creates Harry Potter inspired Sorting Hat for cats
Mascara wand appeal a huge success

Wildlife charity has received brushes from all over the world
Goats to help prevent wildfires in Nevada City

City council seeking goats to graze greenbelt
Family find fox asleep on top of microwave

RSPCA tend to fox in family kitchen
Ford develops noise-cancelling kennel

Kennel could protect pets from the sound of fireworks
Hamish the polar bear celebrates first birthday

UK’s only polar bear cub treated to special ice cake

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News Shorts
Kew Gardens seeking vets for Ethnoveterinary Medicine Project

A new project at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, is seeking the help of vets to find out how plants were traditionally used to treat animals.

The Ethnoveterinary Medicine Project is aiming to record the remaining knowledge from across the British Isles, before it disappears.

Visit the Kew Gardens website for more information or email to share data.

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