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 3rd December 2002Farm Animal - Initial tests on bullock prove negative
 3rd December 2002Headlines - RABIES in Bats - Q & A
 2nd December 2002Farm Animal - New veterinary guide to costs of poor fertility and health
 30th November 2002General Interest - BVNA charity for forthcoming year
 29th November 2002Exotic Pets - 2002/11november/39rabies/rabies.html
 28th November 2002Headlines - Backing given for medical research centre
 27th November 2002Farm Animal - Ban on Growth Promoting Antibiotics impacts on animal welfare
 27th November 2002Farm Animal - Ewe Genoytping Service due December
 27th November 2002Farm Animal - Campylobacter "twice as likely" in organic chickens
 27th November 2002General Interest - New animal health structure
 26th November 2002General Interest - Nominations now open for RCVS Council
 25th November 2002Exotic Pets - Review on bat handling licences after rabies death
 24th November 2002General Interest - Parasitic fly threatens species of finches
 23rd November 2002Headlines - Pet Allergy Information leaflets
 22nd November 2002Farm Animal - Amendment to Animal Health Act
 21st November 2002General Interest - EU bans cosmetic animal testing
 21st November 2002General Interest - Kennel Club receives commendation
 21st November 2002Practice Management - Quarantine cut for pets
 21st November 2002Equine - NPA launches Pet Medicines in Pharmacy Resource Pack
 20th November 2002Headlines - Veterinary School appoints Metacam Resident
 19th November 2002Exotic Pets - Patient treated for 'rabies' symptoms
 18th November 2002Farm Animal - Taunton Dairy wins this year's Quality Milk Award
 17th November 2002Equine - Bone Spavin clinical trial at AHT
 16th November 2002General Interest - Less fireworks expected for 2003
 15th November 2002Headlines - Value for money within your practice
 14th November 2002Equine - Second case of CEM confirmed
 14th November 2002General Interest - FVE welcomes endorsed amendments
 14th November 2002General Interest - POM's - the vets's "role as 'gatekeeper' is key"
 14th November 2002General Interest - Visionline celebrates its first birthday
 12th November 2002Headlines - 'Pain Management in Small Animals' poster updated
 11th November 2002General Interest - Gorilla regains full sight in cataract operation
 10th November 2002Farm Animal - Boost for British pigmeat
 9th November 2002General Interest - DEFRA response to FMD enquiries
 8th November 2002Farm Animal - Pathogen and dosage guide
 7th November 2002Equine - Equine clinical scholarships for 2003
 5th November 2002Equine - Vision Online Free Prize Draw for Olympia 2002
 5th November 2002Farm Animal - NOAH - How vaccines help farm animal welfare
 4th November 2002Exotic Pets - Advance course in Herpetology 2003
 3rd November 2002General Interest - Vets no longer exempt from jury service
 3rd November 2002Farm Animal - Easier water medication for pigs
 2nd November 2002General Interest - ' Mini-Crufts' right in the heart of London
 1st November 2002Farm Animal - Pilot trial for new TB test
 1st November 2002Exotic Pets - Check for hedgehogs in your Bonfire
 31st October 2002Practice Management - Online survey demonstrates `complementary' approach to firework fear
 27th October 2002General Interest - Veterinary employment trends 2002
 25th October 2002Farm Animal - Early discussions on Bluetongue
 25th October 2002Exotic Pets - The Reptile Trust Roadshow
 23rd October 2002Equine - ILPH Ball to celebrate 75th anniversary
 22nd October 2002Headlines - Kennel Club's Dog Registration and Healthcare Services re-launched
 21st October 2002Equine - Plans for Animal Welfare Bill announced
 19th October 2002Headlines - New name for TLC Pet Allergy Testing
 18th October 2002Exotic Pets - 'Know your Vole' initiative
 17th October 2002Headlines - Diabetic tips for pet owners
 16th October 2002General Interest - Record number of delegates at BVNA Congress
 14th October 2002Equine - Marketing Analysis developed for Equine Practices
 10th October 2002General Interest - Seal mortality continues in the UK
 8th October 2002General Interest - "News is people" quotes BBC journalist
 7th October 2002Headlines - Metacam - now for cats too
 6th October 2002General Interest - VMD responsibility for DEFRA Minister
 5th October 2002General Interest - BVA 2002 - Travel Scholarship Awards
 5th October 2002Equine - Advanced CPD course on Equine Reproduction
 4th October 2002Equine - Report on GM and cloned animals in the UK
 3rd October 2002General Interest - DEFRA presence at Yorkshire Veterinary Society meeting
 2nd October 2002Equine - 'Renewed assault' on the availablity of Equine medicines
 1st October 2002Exotic Pets - W.I.N free subscription at BVNA
 1st October 2002Exotic Pets - Suspected rabies in a bat
 30th September 2002Equine - Equine Dentistry - Exemption Order due soon
 30th September 2002Farm Animal - Sheep abortion causes investigated
 29th September 2002Headlines - New indications for Ketofen
 22nd September 2002General Interest - Deciphering the dog genome
 28th September 2002Headlines - Green lip mussels relieve arthritic pain
 27th September 2002Equine - ILPH welcomes UK stance on animals moving to slaughter in the EU
 27th September 2002Headlines - VPMA Northern Region proceedings
 26th September 2002Farm Animal - Pig pneumonia vaccine on the market
 26th September 2002Equine - Honours and awards at BEVA 2002
 25th September 2002Equine - Equine worming: A new approach
 25th September 2002Headlines - 120 mg Vetoryl capsules now available
 24th September 2002Headlines - Motivating employees to change
 23rd September 2002Headlines - Practice Managment - Have your cake and eat it
 20th September 2002Equine - BEVA 2002 - Something for everyone
 20th September 2002Equine - Competition Commission issue their provisional conclusions
 15th September 2002Headlines - The Citronella Collar or the odourless option?
 13th September 2002Headlines - 11th October is getting near!
 11th September 2002Equine - The AI Equine Trade Association
 9th September 2002Equine - Gait function improves with Cortaflex
 7th September 2002Equine - Kruuse add to Equi-Vet range
 5th September 2002Equine - Colic Research symposium
 4th September 2002Headlines - Laser treatment for soft tissue surgery
 3rd September 2002General Interest - Caution to dog owners over seal virus
 3rd September 2002Equine - Equine tapeworms only
 1st September 2002Headlines - Handbook for SPECIFIC diets
 31st August 2002Headlines - CPD and Reunion dinner for 2001 graduates
 30th August 2002Headlines - Efficacy of trilostane in the treatment of Cushing's syndrome in dogs
 28th August 2002Equine - ILPH continues funding for equine studies
 26th August 2002Farm Animal - Have you got your BVD vaccine business taped?
 25th August 2002Farm Animal - New international appointment
 24th August 2002Equine - BEVA Congress - Practical Modules still open for registration
 23rd August 2002Farm Animal - CPD days to be held on 'Managing the Dry Cow'
 22nd August 2002Headlines - Intervet funds lectureship at the University of Liverpool
 21st August 2002Farm Animal - OVS course - Glasgow
 20th August 2002Headlines - Hot up your Practice Management skills
 19th August 2002Farm Animal - Bioject announces license and supply agreeement with Merial
 18th August 2002Equine - Equine respiratory support formula from Waltham
 17th August 2002Headlines - Dog collars prevent disease in children
 16th August 2002Headlines - CEVA address change
 15th August 2002Farm Animal - Vaccine regulations disadvantage UK broiler-breeders
 14th August 2002General Interest - New business development appointment
 13th August 2002General Interest - Promoting Animal and Human Health at the RVC
 12th August 2002Headlines - CD for noise phobic dogs
 11th August 2002Headlines - NCDL scholarship to investigate early age neutering
 10th August 2002Farm Animal - New solution to heat stress in poultry
 9th August 2002Headlines - Passive smoking link to feline lymphoma
 8th August 2002Farm Animal - Changes ahead for LVI's
 7th August 2002Farm Animal - Prion disease in Wild Deer
 6th August 2002Equine - CBE for Professor 'Twink' Allen
 5th August 2002General Interest - Veterinary Reproduction - Present and Future
 4th August 2002General Interest - Osprey chicks now ringed
 3rd August 2002Headlines - FIV vaccine for cats - a first
 2nd August 2002Headlines - Avoiding security risks as more vets and clients go online
 2nd August 2002Farm Animal - Econor is back on the market
 1st August 2002Farm Animal - Rip, Tip then Dip
 1st August 2002General Interest - BBC request for the Veterinary Award
 31st July 2002Headlines - Pet Doctors new acquisition
 31st July 2002Equine - West Nile Virus speads to North Dakota
 30th July 2002Headlines - Genusxpress and Dunnwood join
 29th July 2002General Interest - Pfizer acquire Pharmacia
 29th July 2002Farm Animal - New distributor for piglet iron supplement
 28th July 2002Headlines - RSPCA research into the use of fireworks
 28th July 2002General Interest - RCVS on-line shop
 27th July 2002Farm Animal - Non-antibiotic dry cow treatment is here
 26th July 2002Headlines - SVQs to come to an end
 26th July 2002Farm Animal - Boost for veterinary training and universities
 25th July 2002Equine - New products from Bioniche
 24th July 2002Headlines - Winners crowned in Lifelong Challenge
 24th July 2002Farm Animal - Last of the three inquiries into FMD
 23rd July 2002Headlines - BVA concerns over Competition Commision inquiry
 23rd July 2002Farm Animal - Feed into milk system
 22nd July 2002Farm Animal - Aims to reduce the levels of MAP in dairy herds
 22nd July 2002Headlines - New drug for canine osteoarthritis
 21st July 2002Farm Animal - Time for pig industry to shout
 20th July 2002Farm Animal - The decline and migration of sheep farming
 19th July 2002Headlines - In-practice pregnancy test for bitches
 19th July 2002Farm Animal - Stop ileitis eating into pig profits
 18th July 2002General Interest - AT Veterinary Systems swap screens for shades
 18th July 2002Farm Animal - Survey shows how farmers use vet services
 17th July 2002Farm Animal - IBR Marker vaccine launched
 16th July 2002Farm Animal - The Royal Society Inquiry into Infectious Diseases in Livestock
 16th July 2002Farm Animal - Fertility monitoring in dairy cattle
 15th July 2002Headlines - Alstoe award and anaesthetics
 15th July 2002Headlines - Bacteria spread by stroking dogs?
 14th July 2002Headlines - Advice on advertising to be reviewed
 14th July 2002Farm Animal - Further changes to livestock movments
 13th July 2002Exotic Pets - Virus threatens carp
 13th July 2002Equine - Guidance notes for the safe use of ionising radiations
 12th July 2002General Interest - International Wildlife Charity says thanks to GNER
 12th July 2002Equine - Severe welfare implications if hunting banned
 11th July 2002Equine - 30th birthday makeover for Equipalazone
 10th July 2002Equine - VPMA proceedings now on-line
 10th July 2002Exotic Pets - Sponge out blowfly strike
 9th July 2002Headlines - Return to sender - machine unknown
 9th July 2002Farm Animal - Air your views at Cattle Question Time
 8th July 2002Equine - ILPH Transportation Awareness Ride
 8th July 2002Headlines - Intervet advocates new vaccination strategy
 7th July 2002Headlines - PETS to extend to USA and Canada
 7th July 2002Headlines - Animalcare launch new injectable anaesthetic
 6th July 2002Farm Animal - Public consultation on the ban of chicken cages
 6th July 2002Equine - Equine VN training - age of entry amended
 5th July 2002Farm Animal - Lamb ban put back by six months
 5th July 2002Headlines - Courier service for laboratory samples
 3rd July 2002Headlines - Still time to nominate for the Blue Cross Veterinary Award
 3rd July 2002Headlines - Surolan offer ends soon
 2nd July 2002Farm Animal - Vaccination responsible for fall in salmonella outbreaks
 2nd July 2002Farm Animal - Six pigs test postive for Aujeszky's disease
 1st July 2002Headlines - Data Protection - Do not be misled
 1st July 2002General Interest - Correspondence course in Pet Bereavement
 30th June 2002Farm Animal - Farm buildings possible route of TB transmission
 30th June 2002Headlines - Veterinary Nursing revision guides
 29th June 2002Headlines - Two pronged attack on fleas
 28th June 2002Farm Animal - FMD negative...but pig not tagged
 28th June 2002Headlines - Novartis deliver CRI message via the Daily Mail
 27th June 2002Farm Animal - Vets put in sterling effort to eradicate FMD
 27th June 2002Headlines - In - house Immunohistochemistry at Finn
 26th June 2002Farm Animal - Rectal ultrasound scanning of bovines 2002 - Guidance
 26th June 2002Exotic Pets - Wild ospreys hatch twins
 25th June 2002Farm Animal - "The pathogen is not the disease"
 25th June 2002Farm Animal - Final results prove negative
 24th June 2002General Interest - European Veterinary Dental Award
 24th June 2002Equine - Hong Kong leads the way in preventing equine respiratory disease
 23rd June 2002Exotic Pets - Major rabbit health research project
 23rd June 2002Exotic Pets - Malachite Green withdrawn in UK
 22nd June 2002Farm Animal - Early warning on Salmonella strains
 22nd June 2002Farm Animal - JSR Genetic's Tip of the Month - Keep up biosecurity
 21st June 2002Equine - Royal Ascot from the web
 21st June 2002Equine - Initial FMD tests prove negative
 20th June 2002Farm Animal - Cleaning agents for the poultry industry
 20th June 2002Equine - Further comments on hunting with dogs
 19th June 2002Headlines - A helping hand
 19th June 2002Farm Animal - A Zoonoses Action Plan for the British Pig Industry
 18th June 2002Exotic Pets - Subscribe to Rabbiting On
 18th June 2002Headlines - Stars reached and potential discovered at VPMA Day
 17th June 2002Farm Animal - High-tech housing to keep calves healthy
 17th June 2002Headlines - Britains parks a health hazard
 16th June 2002Headlines - Guide Dogs' Shades for a Day
 16th June 2002Farm Animal - Rising cell counts could cost
 15th June 2002Farm Animal - Calf scours avoided with new feeders
 15th June 2002Equine - Calmer and Appetiser - Two equine feed additives from TopSpec
 14th June 2002Farm Animal - Amendments now in force
 14th June 2002Headlines - Hydrotherapy - an introduction to good clinical practice
 13th June 2002Headlines - Cats and dogs test postive for heartworm
 13th June 2002Headlines - Leo introduce their Specific diet range
 12th June 2002Headlines - 'Revolutionary' pet bedding
 12th June 2002Farm Animal - Gamma interferon test for bovine TB
 11th June 2002General Interest - Women veterinary surgeons on the increase
 11th June 2002Exotic Pets - Eye op gorilla adapting well
 10th June 2002Headlines - AHT and RVC embark on anaesthesia mortality study
 10th June 2002Farm Animal - FlockCheck 2002 for breeding ewes
 9th June 2002Farm Animal - Further developments at BIV
 9th June 2002Headlines - Canine Leishmaniasis - controlling the disease
 8th June 2002General Interest - Bayer moving from Suffolk
 8th June 2002General Interest - Vote to prohibit the sale of cosmetics tested on animals
 7th June 2002Farm Animal - Exclude sheep intestines from the food chain
 7th June 2002Headlines - New range of rabbit dental instruments
 6th June 2002General Interest - Relevant issues to deliberate on at VAAJ meeting
 6th June 2002General Interest - "Better moral judgement goes hand-in-hand with better science"
 5th June 2002Equine - Is your practice a VNAC?
 5th June 2002General Interest - An evening with chimpanzee expert
 4th June 2002General Interest - GDBA give Royal names to puppies
 4th June 2002Exotic Pets - RSPCA seek camouflage skills from the Royal Gurkhas
 3rd June 2002General Interest - Mammals, birds and plants on the brink
 3rd June 2002Headlines - Pet travel Scheme extended to Bahrain
 2nd June 2002Farm Animal - Cattle Tracing System in line for E-Government award
 2nd June 2002Headlines - FCoV/FIP CPD - International Symposium
 1st June 2002Headlines - Iams Company Award 2002
 1st June 2002Farm Animal - Europeans take advantage of live vaccination for salmonella
 31st May 2002Headlines - Recycled water increases risk of instrument contamination
 31st May 2002Farm Animal - Farrowing house guide
 30th May 2002Farm Animal - Goggles operated - image "literally in front of your eyes."
 30th May 2002Headlines - Time to check your Frontline stock levels
 29th May 2002Headlines - Criminal Records Bureau - a bid for a safer society
 29th May 2002Equine - Haematology reference atlas
 28th May 2002General Interest - MSc postgraduate programme faces uncertain future
 28th May 2002Farm Animal - 'Stock Matters' for livestock farmers
 27th May 2002General Interest - New scholar in companion animal dermatology
 27th May 2002Equine - Levy board boost to racehorse welfare funding
 26th May 2002Farm Animal - New premises and phone numbers for Farm Assist Aston
 26th May 2002Headlines - A 'yes' to oral NSAID suspension
 25th May 2002Farm Animal - New Addition To Norbrook Laboratories Noroclav Range
 25th May 2002General Interest - No change to the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991
 24th May 2002Equine - Speakers and tour at AHT Open Day
 24th May 2002Headlines - Firm introduces Dental Leadership Course
 23rd May 2002Equine - Research underway to test ragwort in hay samples
 23rd May 2002Exotic Pets - Available soon - Pets and exotics HND
 22nd May 2002Farm Animal - Make progress with Progressis
 22nd May 2002Headlines - Further tests for canine epilepsy
 21st May 2002Exotic Pets - Bald headed parrot found in Brazil
 21st May 2002Farm Animal - No FMD false alarms wanted at Royal Show
 20th May 2002General Interest - The Prime Minister calls for an end to the air of suspicion
 20th May 2002Farm Animal - Metacam 2% for Cattle - indications extended
 19th May 2002General Interest - Organisation questions GM and cloning of animals
 19th May 2002Equine - Foal alert for horse owners
 18th May 2002Exotic Pets - Breeding ospreys could make history
 18th May 2002Farm Animal - Sheep markets get the go-ahead
 17th May 2002Farm Animal - World cup only - no FMD urge farmers
 17th May 2002Headlines - All change at the RCVS
 16th May 2002Farm Animal - New sire gives more lean at lower cost
 16th May 2002Headlines - The Charter for the Racing Greyhound
 15th May 2002Headlines - SCAS vote for partnership with charity
 15th May 2002Headlines - Channel 4 hunts for family to appear in new series
 14th May 2002General Interest - "When the buying stops the killing can too"
 14th May 2002Farm Animal - New pig breeding company offers unrivalled range of products
 13th May 2002General Interest - Undergraduate degree prgramme awarded AVMA approval
 13th May 2002Headlines - New packs and packaging
 12th May 2002Farm Animal - The 'bill of rights' for animals
 12th May 2002Exotic Pets - Glowing fish expected into Britain
 11th May 2002General Interest - Counselling offered for grieving pet owners
 11th May 2002General Interest - Common soil bug could yield new drugs
 10th May 2002Headlines - Call for chronic CHF canine patients
 10th May 2002General Interest - Great Bustard to return home
 9th May 2002Farm Animal - In feed antibiotics to be banned
 9th May 2002General Interest - Virtual meeting place for UK veterinary schools
 8th May 2002General Interest - 'Net to close in' on wildlife criminals
 8th May 2002Headlines - Managerial appointments for firm
 7th May 2002Headlines - Further work into treatment of hyperthyroidism in cats
 7th May 2002Farm Animal - Liver fluke cases increasing
 6th May 2002General Interest - Stronghold off to Goa
 6th May 2002Headlines - Problem dogs directly linked to early puppy experiences
 5th May 2002Headlines - "Clear cut" veterinary finance scheme
 5th May 2002Headlines - Gold Standard anaesthetics
 4th May 2002Equine - Fell Pony Syndrome and more at the 10th National Equine Forum
 4th May 2002Equine - Changes within The Joint Measurement Board
 3rd May 2002Headlines - Small Animal Ultrasound Level II
 3rd May 2002Headlines - Advanced policy offers more extensive cover
 2nd May 2002General Interest - New board appointment for Pet doctors
 2nd May 2002Equine - June 10th - amendments come into force
 1st May 2002Headlines - Classification of Canine Lymphomas
 1st May 2002Farm Animal - Badger culling field trials to restart
 30th April 2002Farm Animal - CPD Mini Congress 2002 for Small animal and Equine Vets
 30th April 2002Exotic Pets - Rabbiting on - do you know enough?
 29th April 2002General Interest - DEFRA Agencies review - comments invited
 29th April 2002Headlines - A makeover for your waiting room
 28th April 2002Headlines - Malassezia test now available
 28th April 2002General Interest - Catch up on BSAVA 2002 seminars
 27th April 2002Farm Animal - Transport welfare issues
 27th April 2002Exotic Pets - Commemorative UK Wildlife CD-ROM
 26th April 2002Headlines - Tough new product for diagnostic samples
 26th April 2002Farm Animal - Scribe could win anaesthetic monitor
 25th April 2002General Interest - New Project Manager for Animalcare
 25th April 2002Equine - Equine research - Fructan and Anti- oxidants
 24th April 2002Exotic Pets - Historic return of Osprey pair to the Lake District
 24th April 2002Headlines - Tax increases for NHS funding
 23rd April 2002General Interest - A fitting memorial to our Animals in War
 23rd April 2002Headlines - Reaching for the stars and discovering potential
 22nd April 2002General Interest - Sales of dichlorvos products suspended
 22nd April 2002Headlines - Competition Commission consults on issues
 21st April 2002Headlines - Pharmacy course for VNs
 21st April 2002General Interest - New representatives join company
 20th April 2002Headlines - All in one thoracic drainage kits
 20th April 2002Headlines - The veterinary framework for the future
 19th April 2002Exotic Pets - Old bird still flying
 19th April 2002Farm Animal - Increase in TSE testing now in force
 18th April 2002Equine - PEMF aids healing
 18th April 2002Exotic Pets - Help and advice from Raptor Rescue
 17th April 2002General Interest - New organisation formed
 17th April 2002Headlines - Fresh approach to practice marketing
 16th April 2002General Interest - Edinburgh students forge the link against abuse
 16th April 2002Headlines - Small Animal Formulary - new edition
 15th April 2002General Interest - Globetrotting Mandy takes Stronghold to Gambia
 15th April 2002General Interest - BSAVA Congress 2002
 14th April 2002General Interest - New acquisition brings name change and new laboratory facilities
 14th April 2002Headlines - Sun, sea, sand and pets
 13th April 2002General Interest - Outstanding Cambodian student wins top Pfizer award
 13th April 2002Headlines - West Shires VPMA Regional Group Meeting- May 29th 2002
 12th April 2002Exotic Pets - Gorilla regains sight in ground-breaking operation
 12th April 2002Headlines - "Best orthopaedic evening" A huge draw for Scottish vets
 11th April 2002Farm Animal - Post calving energy gap
 11th April 2002Exotic Pets - Wild Mink in Urban Area
 11th April 2002Headlines - Right on time! Vets win Tag HeuerTM watches
 10th April 2002Exotic Pets - Primate Bushmeat Danger to Human Health
 10th April 2002Exotic Pets - Hedgehog Awareness Week
 9th April 2002General Interest - "Teacher's Pet" - National Pet Week
 9th April 2002Equine - Fence Could Save Lives In Three-day Eventing
 8th April 2002Farm Animal - Thyme For Improvement
 8th April 2002General Interest - £3 Million Funding for Wildlife Reserves
 7th April 2002General Interest - The Most Expensive Cat Flap in History
 7th April 2002Farm Animal - Novartis New Pour-on For Blowfly Strike Now PML
 6th April 2002General Interest - VETAID Appeal for Help
 6th April 2002General Interest - VetLogic Offer Subsidised Courses
 5th April 2002General Interest - Photographic Exhibition of FMD Devastation
 5th April 2002General Interest - 'Pet Passport' Concerns At Congress - But Scheme May Be Extended
 5th April 2002Headlines - Seven Seas Launch New Vetzyme Products
 4th April 2002General Interest - NOAH Speaks of "Positive Step Forward" on MRLs
 4th April 2002General Interest - New Guidelines Issued for Pet Ads
 3rd April 2002General Interest - Blue Cross Launch New Website
 3rd April 2002General Interest - Ballot Papers for RCVS Council Elections
 2nd April 2002Headlines - Hand-Held Tonometer for Early Diagnosis of Glaucoma
 2nd April 2002General Interest - Veterinary Student Prizes Axed
 1st April 2002Farm Animal - BICEP Offer Free IBR Bulk Tank Tests
 1st April 2002General Interest - Stress Relief for BSAVA Delegates
 31st March 2002Farm Animal - DEFRA News
 31st March 2002Farm Animal - Lincoject - New Antibiotic for Pigs
 30th March 2002General Interest - Heartworm Danger to Pets Abroad
 30th March 2002General Interest - 'Pet Partner' - New Division for Kruuse
 29th March 2002Headlines - New Sizes Fit All - Stronger Recovery Collars for Cats and Dogs
 29th March 2002Farm Animal - Only 25 Northern Dairy Shorthorn Cows Remain
 28th March 2002Equine - Equine Welfare Guidelines Compendium Launched
 28th March 2002General Interest - Dublin Students Visit Pfizer's UK Production Plant
 27th March 2002Headlines - Promotional rabbit on the hop around UK
 27th March 2002Headlines - New once-daily dosing for Rimadyl
 26th March 2002Headlines - Prophy barrier sealant against oral bacteria
 26th March 2002Farm Animal - Coccidiosis protection for the spring
 25th March 2002Farm Animal - EP vaccination benefits pig processors and producers
 25th March 2002Headlines - Diabetes - a helping hand from Intervet
 24th March 2002Equine - Discussion on age of entry for equine VN training
 24th March 2002Headlines - Intervet on the pulse with 'Heart of the matter'
 23rd March 2002Farm Animal - BUAS names Pfizer as new sponsor for its annual ram sales
 23rd March 2002Farm Animal - Pfizer's commitment to the sheep industry
 22nd March 2002Headlines - Missed profit opportunity for practices
 22nd March 2002Headlines - Hills European Speaker Tour 2002
 21st March 2002Exotic Pets - WWF report - "Traded towards extinction?"
 21st March 2002General Interest - Lohmann opens new office in south-east Asia
 20th March 2002Equine - Collapsible fence for cross-country phase
 20th March 2002Exotic Pets - A boost for bats and otters
 19th March 2002General Interest - RCVS Library seeks members views
 19th March 2002Headlines - New senior management for Intervet UK
 17th March 2002Equine - House of Commons debate the future of fox hunting
 18th March 2002Headlines - Urinary incontinence - a universal problem
 17th March 2002Headlines - PETS: Issues and amendments
 17th March 2002General Interest - Darwin Initiative for the Survival of the Species
 16th March 2002Headlines - Konica introduces single emulsion film
 16th March 2002Headlines - New Online Advice Service for vets using Ibaflin
 15th March 2002Farm Animal - Royal Agricultural Society of England awards
 15th March 2002General Interest - Government to review tail docking
 14th March 2002Headlines - Syringe preparations for hairballs and health
 14th March 2002Headlines - RCVS Annual Retention Fee 2002/2003
 13th March 2002Headlines - The Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 (Schedule 3 Amendment) Order 2002
 13th March 2002Farm Animal - New Combination licence
 12th March 2002Farm Animal - Changes to withdrawal periods for Levacide Injection
 12th March 2002General Interest - Tropical Diseases Agency "does not go far enough"
 11th March 2002General Interest - Standard Poodle wins at Crufts 2002
 11th March 2002Headlines - Interactive cardiac workshops - BSAVA Congress 2002
 10th March 2002Headlines - Large Breed Healthcare Symposium on-line
 10th March 2002Exotic Pets - Ongoing concern of tackle - related injuries to swans
 9th March 2002Farm Animal - Efficient systems for BSE testing
 9th March 2002Headlines - The British Association of Veterinary Emergency Care
 8th March 2002Headlines - New distributor for Cook Veterinary Products
 8th March 2002Headlines - Licensed treatment for feline hyperthyroidism
 7th March 2002Headlines - Therapeutic monitoring chart - LVL
 7th March 2002Headlines - Part III DDA - Access to Goods and Services
 6th March 2002Exotic Pets - The Marine Wildlife Conservation Bill
 30th December 1899Equine - Radiation Protection Supervisors Day - notes available
 5th March 2002Equine - Equine Welfare Award
 5th March 2002Farm Animal - PMWS "turned off like a tap"
 4th March 2002Farm Animal - Bonus offer from Ceva Animal Health
 4th March 2002General Interest - New publication - Ultimate Dog Care
 3rd March 2002General Interest - Dickin Medal for dogs at Ground Zero
 3rd March 2002Headlines - Pet insurance now on-line from DBI
 2nd March 2002General Interest - NOAH Code of Practice
 2nd March 2002Farm Animal - Steps forward for TB cattle vaccine
 1st March 2002Headlines - Making Appraisals "Make a Difference"
 1st March 2002Equine - EPO tests are negative
 28th February 2002Headlines - Tri colour corgi for the Royals
 28th February 2002Farm Animal - One Day course- Mineral and Vitamin Nutrition in Cattle and Sheep
 27th February 2002Headlines - Advice on Kennel cough vaccination
 27th February 2002Headlines - Responsiblity for stray dogs
 26th February 2002Farm Animal - Maternal transmission of BSE not possible
 26th February 2002Farm Animal - Offer extended on Ingelvac ® PRRS KV.
 25th February 2002Farm Animal - Suspect contact with FMD
 25th February 2002General Interest - ' Pup Idol ' competition
 24th February 2002General Interest - Janssen Animal Health - new appointment
 24th February 2002General Interest - Expert Witness fee survey
 23rd February 2002Headlines - Bird songs for mobile phones
 23rd February 2002Headlines - Animal Medicines Dispensing courses
 22nd February 2002General Interest - NOAH - new Chief Executive
 22nd February 2002General Interest - Copy deadline for the Independent Bird Register
 21st February 2002Headlines - Flubenol Easy - protection for pets and people
 21st February 2002Headlines - Talking Big - Seminar presented by Iams
 20th February 2002General Interest - New publicity drive to stop illegal meat imports
 20th February 2002General Interest - Visions of Science Awards
 19th February 2002General Interest - Merial scoops award for top sales professional
 19th February 2002Equine - Equine passports in line with European legislation
 18th February 2002Headlines - Quality products for Disabled Pets
 18th February 2002Farm Animal - Winning Bursary students study Alpacas
 17th February 2002Headlines - First ear thermometer for animals
 17th February 2002Farm Animal - Licence extension for Micotil
 16th February 2002Headlines - Panacur Favourites for Dogs - Intervet UK
 16th February 2002Equine - BHS warns over incidence of strangles
 15th February 2002General Interest - National Nest Box Week
 15th February 2002Headlines - Waltham website relaunched in the UK
 14th February 2002Headlines - Havaball multi-purpose food dispenser
 14th February 2002General Interest - Lyme disease - useful websites
 13th February 2002Headlines - How To Click With Your Dog
 13th February 2002General Interest - The Jim Gourley Prize 2002
 12th February 2002Headlines - Hills Prescription Diet Canine b/d for senior dogs
 12th February 2002Exotic Pets - Measures taken to curb dolphin deaths in nets
 11th February 2002Headlines - New holders of the Certificate of Veterinary Practice Management
 11th February 2002Headlines - VPMA Congress 2002
 10th February 2002Headlines - Code of Good Veterinary Practice - FVE draft
 9th February 2002General Interest - "Don't let Marsh leave you in the mire!"
 9th February 2002Equine - Win a Toggi shirt with New Equimax
 8th February 2002Equine - Research at Liverpool - tapeworm infestation in horses
 8th February 2002Headlines - Advances in Feline Endocrinology and Cardiology (2002) Session 3
 7th February 2002Headlines - VPMA Legal Advice Helpline
 7th February 2002General Interest - Improve CPD Limited-Defensive Driver training day
 6th February 2002Equine - Equimax - cestodes, nematodes and arthropods killed in a single dose
 6th February 2002Headlines - Closing date for wounds case study competition
 5th February 2002Exotic Pets - International campaign to save great apes
 5th February 2002Headlines - Private medical plan exclusive for VPMA members
 4th February 2002Farm Animal - Ritchey Tagg - new appointments
 4th February 2002General Interest - UK VET and Blackwell Publishing merger
 3rd February 2002Headlines - Vetlink Information Services CPD courses
 3rd February 2002Farm Animal - Double trouble for pneumonia with Hexasol LA
 2nd February 2002Farm Animal - Natural boost to reproductive health
 2nd February 2002Farm Animal - Petplan Veterinary Awards 2002
 1st February 2002Farm Animal - Glutalyte for calves
 1st February 2002Exotic Pets - "Red Leg" - further discoveries in fatal frog disease
 31st January 2002Farm Animal - Extension to National Scrapie Plan
 31st January 2002Farm Animal - Natural plant sources - possible benefits for livestock production
 30th January 2002General Interest - Pet owners views on medicines sought
 30th January 2002Headlines - Healthy Pets Insurance Acquire Vet Pet
 29th January 2002Farm Animal - CPD in pharmacy
 29th January 2002General Interest - He was the most famous lion in the world.
 28th January 2002Farm Animal - Snap-top tube disinfectant
 28th January 2002Exotic Pets - Rare leopard - post op cataract surgery
 27th January 2002Farm Animal - Training days for participants of the Huskvac campaign
 27th January 2002Headlines - Canine pheromone diffuser to be revealed at BSAVA
 26th January 2002Headlines - Cat Safety Collar- new from Animalcare
 26th January 2002General Interest - Investment for the Faculty of Veterinary Science, Liverpool
 25th January 2002General Interest - New Appointments
 25th January 2002Equine - New inhalation device for horses
 24th January 2002Headlines - Introduction to Hydrotherapy in Veterinary Medicine
 24th January 2002General Interest - Progress report on Marjan the lion - Kabul
 23rd January 2002Farm Animal - Supply of catgut sutures likely to decrease
 23rd January 2002Farm Animal - Johne's disease - the role of wildlife
 22nd January 2002Headlines - In house checks on microchip scanners advised.
 22nd January 2002General Interest - Yearly report on pesticide poisoning of animals
 21st January 2002Headlines - Pet Smile Month March 2002
 21st January 2002Headlines - Identichip information on the Internet
 20th January 2002Exotic Pets - Tortoise Workshop
 20th January 2002Equine - Deadline for clinical research abstracts - 2002 BEVA Congress,Glasgow.
 19th January 2002General Interest - Lasalocid pronounced safe
 19th January 2002Farm Animal - Swaycop replaces Cuvine copper injection for ewes
 18th January 2002Headlines - New number for Vet Helpline
 18th January 2002General Interest - Rare birds seen in the city
 17th January 2002Headlines - Inland Revenue tax concessions but act before 31 January 2002.
 17th January 2002Equine - Point-to Points:procedures for Veterinary Surgeons.
 16th January 2002Headlines - HALTI: New Design,New Benefits
 16th January 2002General Interest - An award-winning year for veterinary pathologist.
 15th January 2002Farm Animal - FMD free status for British counties
 15th January 2002Exotic Pets - Burgess Supafeeds Launch New Supa Rabbit Excel Junior
 14th January 2002Farm Animal - New calf scour vaccine gives broad-spectrum protection
 14th January 2002Headlines - Ear posters to be sent to veterinary surgeries
 13th January 2002Exotic Pets - Hedgehogs caught in ice cream cartons
 12th January 2002Farm Animal - Brucellosis Compensation for Jan 2002
 11th January 2002General Interest - Veterinary Surgeons - New Year Honours List
 11th January 2002Headlines - New 9kg Size Max Kitten and Max Cat Lite from Nutro
 10th January 2002Headlines - Lasix changes its name
 10th January 2002Farm Animal - Advice to Pregnant Women During Lambing Season
 9th January 2002Farm Animal - Audio cassette for the UK beef and dairy industries.
 9th January 2002Exotic Pets - British Veterinary Zoological Society
 8th January 2002General Interest - Animal Welfare Bill under review.
 8th January 2002Equine - Radiation Protection Supervisors Day Course
 7th January 2002Equine - Laboratories testing for Contagious Equine Metritis (CEM)
 7th January 2002Headlines - The Government's Interim Response to the Marsh Report
 6th January 2002Headlines - Modular CPD Courses For The Spring
 5th January 2002Headlines - Caninsulin now licensed for use in cats.
 4th January 2002General Interest - Final Call For Responses - Dangerous Wild Animals Act
 3rd January 2002General Interest - Chassot joins Vétoquinol.
 3rd January 2002General Interest - Latest Press Releases from NOAH
 2nd January 2002Farm Animal - Latest News Releases From DEFRA
 2nd January 2002Headlines - Nibbles of news from Hills.
 1st January 2002Farm Animal - Useful equipment for the theatre
 31st December 2001Headlines - Pet-ID microchip identification - small changes.
 31st December 2001Headlines - Changes ahead for ATAC's
 30th December 2001Headlines - New Cat Litter developed from Plant Fibres.
 29th December 2001Headlines - Registration cards for Veterinary Nurses
 28th December 2001Headlines - Introducing Nestlé Purina PetCare
 27th December 2001Farm Animal - Cryptosporidiosis in calves
 27th December 2001Equine - Staph Infections Passed From Owners to Pets
 26th December 2001Headlines - Festive Toxins
 26th December 2001Headlines - Free PR Guide for Animal Health Sector
 25th December 2001General Interest - Hoop of Fire Saves Turkey From Dinner
 25th December 2001Headlines - Outlook Express 6.0 - care with attachments.
 24th December 2001Headlines - New Blood test to aid the diagnosis of heart failure.
 24th December 2001Farm Animal - FMD in the UK and beyond
 23rd December 2001Equine - Sponsorship for BEVA in 2002.
 22nd December 2001General Interest - Wildlife Trust Reserves - Remaining FMD Restrictions
 21st December 2001Headlines - Changes at Pfizer
 21st December 2001Headlines - Competition for "leased - line"
 20th December 2001Headlines - Lantra and VetLogic team up to help the veterinary sector
 20th December 2001General Interest - DEFRA Provides Grant to Farmer for Wetland Habitat
 19th December 2001Headlines - Restraint of dogs in cars
 19th December 2001Farm Animal - TB testing and Field research resumes.
 18th December 2001Exotic Pets - British Made Woden Toys for Parrots.
 18th December 2001Headlines - British Made Wooden Toys for Parrots.
 18th December 2001Headlines - VPMA report - Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk day meeting
 18th December 2001General Interest - Veterinary Practice Readers Update 2002 Event
 18th December 2001Farm Animal - Multiject IMM - Special Offer from Norbrook
 17th December 2001Farm Animal - EU Court Judges in Favour of British Beef
 17th December 2001General Interest - Dismay Over Animal Health Bill
 14th December 2001Farm Animal - Brucellosis Compensation
 14th December 2001Headlines - External Skeleton Fixation (ESF)
 13th December 2001Headlines - VPMA - Appointment
 13th December 2001Headlines - RCVS Exam Deadlines.
 12th December 2001General Interest - Celtic Vet and SMR Ltd merger
 12th December 2001Exotic Pets - BSAVA Manual of Exotic Pets
 12th December 2001Practice Management - CelticVet and SMR Ltd merger
 11th December 2001Farm Animal - RVC - Cattle only referrals
 11th December 2001Headlines - False Allegations Against the Veterinary Profession
 10th December 2001Headlines - Diffuse to soothe - Bonus Offer
 10th December 2001General Interest - WWF Warns of Imminent Fish Stock Collapse
 7th December 2001General Interest - A step forward for the Wildlife Information Network.
 6th December 2001Exotic Pets - Christmas Lecture 2001
 6th December 2001Exotic Pets - Three female elephants move to Whipsnade.
 5th December 2001Headlines - NCDL - The Hope Project
 4th December 2001General Interest - For BVNA Members - BSAVA Publications.
 4th December 2001Headlines - NOAH Update
 3rd December 2001General Interest - BBC Animal Awards
 30th November 2001Equine - Equine Orthopaedics Modular Course
 30th November 2001Headlines - FAB Appointments at UK Universities
 29th November 2001Headlines - ILA Scheme Closed Down Pending Police Investigation
 29th November 2001General Interest - Places Still Available For Orthopaedic Course In Glasgow
 29th November 2001Farm Animal - Urgent News Release from DEFRA on FMD
 28th November 2001Headlines - Radioactive treatment for feline hyperthyroidism
 27th November 2001General Interest - VET Trust Event "CPD in the 21st Century"
 27th November 2001Equine - Honorary Members of BEVA Receive Awards
 26th November 2001General Interest - LESLEY GRAHAM TAKES ON HER ROLE WITH THE AHT
 23rd November 2001Equine - A first for Equine Nurses
 23rd November 2001General Interest - RCVS Library and Information Service Relaunch
 22nd November 2001General Interest - Calls for UK Vets to Fly to Kabul
 22nd November 2001Equine - EVJ Postal Bookshop Discount Offers
 21st November 2001General Interest - Imex Marketing Seeks UK Distributor for New Pet Collar
 21st November 2001General Interest - December Summary of Events
 19th November 2001General Interest - New Associate Editor for Visionline
 15th November 2001Headlines - VPMA Annual Congress and AGM
 14th November 2001Headlines - RCVS Proposals for VN Training at ATACs
 14th November 2001Headlines - Veterinary Practices Benefit from National Community Scheme
 14th November 2001Headlines - VPMA Regional Meeting Day
 13th November 2001Headlines - BSAVA Notice of East Anglia Meeting
 12th November 2001Farm Animal - Change in Withdrawal Period for Synulox
 12th November 2001General Interest - First Independent Report on the Government's Handling of FMD
 7th November 2001General Interest - POINTS MEAN PRIZES WITH VASOTOP
 7th November 2001General Interest - FORGING THE LINK
 7th November 2001Equine - Intervet launches first combination equine flu and herpes vaccine
 7th November 2001General Interest - Intervet Press Release Summary
 7th November 2001General Interest - FINAL CALL FOR DELEGATES
 6th November 2001Farm Animal - Sarcoptic Mange (Scabies) Press Release - Merial
 6th November 2001Equine - Equine Ophthalmology - CPD Day
 6th November 2001General Interest - Launch of Visionline
 5th November 2001General Interest - BVHA Annual Conference 2001
 1st November 2001General Interest - November Summary of Events
 31st October 2001General Interest - David Grant New Finance Director of Pet Doctors
 31st October 2001General Interest - Fundraising Comedy Benefit For Endangered Species
 31st October 2001General Interest - RSPCA Destroy Whale Stranded in Devon
 31st October 2001Headlines - SPVS Roadshow
 31st October 2001Headlines - New Vetmedin Packs Aid Treatment of Small Dogs
 31st October 2001Headlines - "A Strategy For Survival" Course
 31st October 2001General Interest - Reduced Air Flights Strand Elephant
 31st October 2001Headlines - Short-sighted Greyhound Wins With Contact Lenses
 31st October 2001Equine - Intervet Launches Equilis Resequin - '2 in 1' Vaccine
 30th October 2001Headlines - Royal Canin Lecture "Feline Obesity - A Behavioural Approach"
 30th October 2001General Interest - News From NOAH
 30th October 2001Exotic Pets - The Pet Allergy Association - New Charity Organisation
 30th October 2001Farm Animal - Clean-Flow System Offers Hope to Managing PMWS
 30th October 2001General Interest - vetcpd Winter Conference
 29th October 2001General Interest - £20,000 Turner Prize to be Presented by Madonna
 29th October 2001Headlines - Vetoryl - Treatment for Cushing's Syndrome in Dogs
 29th October 2001General Interest - Phoenix the Calf's Family to Give Up Farming
 29th October 2001General Interest - Andrew Scott is New BVA President
 25th October 2001Headlines - IR35, Locums and Self-Employment - Do You REALLY Know?
 24th October 2001General Interest - Veterinary Medicines Directorate Issues MAVIS Online
 23rd October 2001General Interest - Vets Could Spot Link Between Animal and Human Abuse
 23rd October 2001General Interest - Vet Trust CPD Grants for 2001
 23rd October 2001Headlines - Pfizer Promote New Endectocide Flea Killer
 22nd October 2001General Interest - Scholarship Available for Animal-Human Relationships Study
 22nd October 2001Farm Animal - New Product - Bovine Respiratory Disease
 22nd October 2001Headlines - Novartis Launch New Flea Control Application
 22nd October 2001Farm Animal - DEFRA's FMD Website Closed for Business
 19th October 2001Headlines - VPMA November Regional Meeting Details
 19th October 2001General Interest - Current Prizes & Awards Open to Entry - 2001/2
 18th October 2001General Interest - Current Anthrax Information
 18th October 2001General Interest - Vets Drown Gorilla Missing Appropriate Import Papers
 17th October 2001General Interest - BVOA - Autumn Meeting
 16th October 2001General Interest - CAP Crop Permits vs. Vet Bills
 16th October 2001Farm Animal - Elanco Provides New Method for Controlling Pneumonia in Pigs
 16th October 2001General Interest - Hypothetical Hamster Foils Plans to Build European Business Park
 15th October 2001Farm Animal - Nuflor Florfenicol - Antibiotic Treatment for Bovine Pneumonia
 15th October 2001Headlines - Scamp's Diary Pet Care Guide
 12th October 2001Farm Animal - New Erysipelas Vaccine for Sheep
 11th October 2001Headlines - Transfer of Tiamulin Licence from Leo to Novartis Animal Health
 11th October 2001Headlines - New Gel to Help Save Dogs' Teeth
 11th October 2001General Interest - Stop Press - Forthcoming Equine Product Information
 11th October 2001General Interest - Low Attendance Levels for BVA Congress
 11th October 2001General Interest - Accommodation for BEVA 2002 Congress
 11th October 2001Farm Animal - Pharmacia Animal Health - Revitalising Mycoplasma Control Pays Dividends
 11th October 2001General Interest - BHB Confirm Continued Support for Equine Research
 4th October 2001Headlines - Employment and Health & Safety Law Consultancy Services
 2nd October 2001General Interest - Countryside Agency Report
 2nd October 2001General Interest - VPMA - New Website
 2nd October 2001General Interest - Animal Urine Cure for Indigestion
 2nd October 2001Farm Animal - Vetoquinol Vaccination Promotion
 2nd October 2001Farm Animal - Pharmacia AH Zero Milk Discard, Broad Spectrum Antibiotic
 2nd October 2001Farm Animal - Disease Forecasting Service
 2nd October 2001Equine - NutriLabs Equine Feed Supplement
 2nd October 2001Headlines - Bayer - Fleegard Spot-on Flea Control
 2nd October 2001Headlines - Fevaxyn Pentofel
 2nd October 2001Headlines - Stakeholder Pension Requirements for Employers
 2nd October 2001General Interest - Cotswold Europe New MD

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